Fashion Pass

Never pay more than £65

Never pay more than £65 for a designer dress again

Always the same price: any designer dress, any time, no exclusions.

Your monthly subscription includes:

One 4 day rental, including a backup size

Free shipping, insurance & drycleaning

Try Fashion Pass for £65
How they use Fashion Pass
How they use it
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Fashion Pass


Just commit to 3 months/year

Try Fashion Pass for £65
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Save every time you rent

Membership advantages

One 4 day rental, including a backup size

Any dress, any time, no exclusion

Free shipping, insurance, & drycleaning

3-month annual commitment

Skip or roll over months anytime

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Save every time you rent
Do you have questions?
How does Fashion Pass work?

Once you become a member, you will be charged £65 per month. Each month, upon successful billing, you will be able to ckeckout any 4-day dress rental and a back up size for free, plus free standard shipping, insurance and dry cleaning. No need to apply any code at checkout to redeem your special membership price: your first rental is free and all your future rentals will be a flat rate of £65 on any dress, no exclusions.

What if i want to rent more than one dress per month?

Fashion Pass members have access to an exclusive flat rate of £65 per 4-day rental, including shipping and insurance. To access your special prices rentals you simply need to login and select your preferred style. The flat rate of £65 is automatically applied at checkout.

How do I skip months?

Skip anytime before your next bill date by contacting customer service at [email protected] You won’t be charged for that month, but can still redeem any outstanding Fashion Pass credits. Skip as often as you like as long as you meet the 3-month annual commitment. If you haven’t fulfilled your minimum commitment, you’ll be automatically charged in the final month(s) of the annual term.

What if I don’t have an occasion to rent for this month?

As long as you’re a Fashion Pass member, you can redeem your credits whenever works for you. Unused credits automatically roll over to the next month. If you want you can redeem all your accumulated rental credits in the same month. Remember, you can always skip a month if you don’t want to be charged for that month.

How will I be billed for Fashion Pass?

Chic by Choice will charge you a monthly subscription fee. Your Fashion Pass subscription automatically renews and you will be billed on the same date every month at the rate then in effect to your payment method on file. After receiving the monthly payment confirmation we will unlock your special membership advantages. No need to copy and past promocodes. Your account will already have your special prices applied automatically at checkout.

When can I cancel my membership?

Fashion Pass has only a 3-month minimum purchase within each annual term. Once you have been successfully billed for 3 months, you may cancel anytime prior to your next bill date by contacting us at [email protected] You have until the end of your billing term to redeem any outstanding rentals or flat-rate codes. Once your term ends, you will lose access to all membership perks.

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