Rental Agreement

Before you click on the ‘accept’ button, carefully read the terms and conditions of this agreement. They may have changed since you last used these services.


By clicking ‘accept’ at the lower part of the screen, you are agreeing to be bound by these terms and conditions. If you do not agree to all of the terms, click the ‘I do not accept’ button and you will not be permitted to hire. We reserve the right to change the terms of this agreement in the future and any changes will apply to the rental of any product.

These terms and conditions, regarding the Privacy Policy, are a legal agreement between the natural or legal person and CHIC BY CHOICE, with corporate offices at ABC - Incubadora do Parque Tecnológico de Óbidos, Convento de S. Miguel das Gaeiras, 2510-718 Gaeiras, Portugal, establishing terms and conditions under which you will submit information to, and hire dresses and receive related services from, CHIC BY CHOICE via our website at


This Agreement contains all the terms and conditions governing your rental from CHIC BY CHOICE. No other terms or conditions shall have any force or effect. In case of inconsistency between the rules contained in this document and any of the documents referred here, rule the terms and conditions set forth in this document.

  • The Customer must be:
  • (a) Legally capable of entering into binding contracts;

  • (b) At least eighty (18) years old.

The Terms of Use are governed by the Portuguese law and it will be settled by the competent court of the district of Leiria. If any part of the Terms of Use are held unenforceable or in conflict with the applicable law, the validity of the remaining portions shall not be affected.

If you have any questions regarding these Terms of Use, please send us your request via email: [email protected].


The site and its contents are the exclusive property of CHIC BY CHOICE, the entities or people that authorized its usage.

At first, you will not need to register to navigate this website. However, to use the CHIC BY CHOICE services, you will need to open an account. For more information, please read the CHIC BY CHOICE General Conditions.

Please understand that if you do not respect the Terms of Use of the site, we may have to suspend or terminate your account.

CHIC BY CHOICE is not required to pre-viewing, viewing, control or edit any content or materials made available through the site and we do not ensure that the site will meet any expectations or requirements that you have.

You assume sole and exclusive responsibility for the content you make available through the site. By agreeing to these terms, you agree to give CHIC BY CHOICE the right to use your content in any part or area of the site or any other space managed by CHIC BY CHOICE, including promotional and advertising campaigns. CHIC BY CHOICE is not responsible for the content third parties may use.

CHIC BY CHOICE does not ensure that any content presented on the site is completely free of involuntary errors of any type. CHIC BY CHOICE is not responsible for the infrastructure of the site and cannot ensure that the website is available whenever you want to use. CHIC BY CHOICE is not responsible for damages or losses that may result from, the use of the site, such as problems with the electronic systems, computer or telecommunications.

CHIC BY CHOICE reserves the right to, without previous notice, suspend or discontinue the site for maintenance, repair, alteration or modernization operations, at any time.

Do not use or exploit the site for commercial or promotional purposes, in any way, except when authorized by CHIC BY CHOICE. Customers cannot provide any content that promote services, offering money or any other type of compensation, by placing links of its pages to CHIC BY CHOICE services and site.



CHIC BY CHOICE is a designer dress hire platform.

CHIC BY CHOICE’s rental service is limited to a maximum of two (2) dress styles per order, meaning a total of four (4) dresses.

The hired products are made available for a period of four (4) to eight (8) days. If the hire time period is exceeded, the customer will be subject to penalties.


Access the customer registration page and provide only true, accurate, complete and updated information. You must enter your email address or contact. You can change the data in your account, at any time.

You assume sole and exclusive responsibility for the confidentiality and security of your account information, especially your password.


All orders are subject to availability. In the absence or difficulty to supply, CHIC BY CHOICE reserves the right to inform you of products with equal style, quality and price. You must confirm the new order. CHIC BY CHOICE will refund you for unworn dresses.

The CHIC BY CHOICE product catalogue is liable to change at any time. The characteristics of the products are as described at the time of the hire. All images found on the site are illustrative. Descriptions of the products do not assure conformity or suitability of a product for an exact purpose, neither must be free of any unintentionally errors.

The products listed in the catalogue are available for delivery to the United Kingdom and most European Countries.

The product pricing is as displayed at the time of the hire. The final price may vary according to the country of delivery, shipping costs and legal taxes.

Your order may include one item or more. Sometimes an order includes two different sizes of the same style chosen by the customer. The second size is free of any additional costs. These dresses are sent to the customer with the purpose of offering a 100% fit satisfaction. You should only wear one dress. The customer should choose the most appropriate size and cut the corresponding label. If both dress labels are cut, you will have to pay two rentals.


To proceed with any order you must complete the form and follow the hire process available on the page.

After you place the order, you will receive a confirmation email. However, this may not mean your order is accepted. Only the second email, with expected date of dispatch, product description and price, will ultimately confirm the order.

Each customer cannot make a new order, until the previous order has been returned. The customer cannot make alterations at the dresses, or he will have to pay the retail price from the altered dress.

Orders can be placed same day until 2 p.m. for Central London and at least twenty four hours in advance for the United Kingdom and most european countries. For some european countries we are only able to deliver your order in 48 hours or 72 hours . Nevertheless, Chic By Choice does not ensure that the dress will be available.


The rental agreement between CHIC BY CHOICE and the customer will only be formed when he received the order confirmation email, whether or not CHIC BY CHOICE has already received the payment.


The order can be cancelled up to three (3) days before the date of delivery indicated in the order confirmation email. The value of the order will be credited to the original payment method.

If the order cancellation is made within less than 3 (3) days before the date of delivery, indicated in the order confirmation email, you will be refunded the rental fee value. Shipping fees will not be refunded.

If the order is cancelled within three (3) or more days before the date of delivery, indicated in the order confirmation email, the customer will be refunded with the full value of the service.

In case you have received your parcel already and want to cancel your reservation:

For a valid refund of the rental fee, do not remove the yellow tag and submit the form within 24 hours of signing the receipt of delivery. You'll also have to return your parcel to any DPD click and collect within 24 hours of signing the receipt of delivery or DHL services if you are outside of the United Kingdom.

Once we have received your unworn, tagged dress; as well as your refund request form, we will email a refund request confirmation within 5 working days. The refund process can take approximately 10 days depending on the individual processing time of your credit card.

Please note that refunds are only valid for unworn dresses and that reservations that are returned late are not eligible for a refund.

Accessories are not eligible for refunds.


If the garments ordered are not available or are not delivered within the requested time, CHIC BY CHOICE will inform you and suggest an alternative style in the same quality and price range. In this case, the customer can accept the suggestion, make a new request, or cancel the previous one. If the order is canceled before the order is shipped, the customer will receive a full refund to the chosen payment method.


Prices (with VAT) include delivery and shipping costs. They are per unit and may vary depending on the type, model and label. The price of the required garment can be seen on the dress detail page. CHIC BY CHOICE may change prices with no impact on confirmed orders.

You are responsible for loss, destruction or damage to the garments, such as theft, fire, major stains or any other cause, other than minor damages. Please understand that if the dress is returned with any kind of these irreversible damages, you must pay the full retail price according to our price list.

Under no circumstances are customers to attempt to clean any Garments themselves.


The order will only be charged when you make your reservation. The invoice will be emailed during the dispatch of the order.

CHIC BY CHOICE will verify the address and credibility of the order.


In conformity with the obligations under these Terms of Use, and as guarantee, CHIC BY CHOICE will be authorized to charge your credit card an amount equal to the retail price of the dresses ordered.


After payment confirmation and availability of the required dress, the dispatch of the order will be completed up to forty-eight (48) hours before the delivery date you selected. The dispatch of the order includes a pre-paid label with no extra charge. The same prepaid label and delivery package should be kept and used to return the dress.

You will receive your parcel until seven (7) p.m. on the delivery date.

Payment details, such as time, cost and conditions of delivery depend on the type of payment you selected.

If you do not contact CHIC BY CHOICE within forty-eight (48) hours from the attempted delivery, CHIC BY CHOICE will consider your order cancelled. You will be charged of the total service value without any kind of refund.


You must ensure that you have placed all the dresses in the prepaid label and delivery package.

  • The garments returned should be:
  • - In perfect condition without any irreversible damages.
  • - In the same condition they were delivered with the respective hangers, boxes, or other goods.

You are the sole responsible for any damage the products can suffer. In accordance to that, you have the legal obligation to make a prudent use of the products, while they are in your possession.

If you fail to this obligation, we have the right of action against you for compensation.


  • In case you fail to return the products on time, you shall immediately inform CHIC BY CHOICE via email ([email protected]). If such happens, you are liable to pay the following penalties:
  • - For every day your return is late you will be charged a £30 late fee per day;
  • - If after the five (5) first weekdays of the established return date the products have not been returned, legal consequences will be handled. Subsequently, you will be required to pay the full retail price of all garments ordered and Chic by Choice is authorized to deduct up to the retail value of the items sent in the payment method you have previously provided or an alternative payment method;
  • - If the products are not delivered one time on the settled date, your account may be suspended or canceled.
  • - If the products are returned with irreversible damage, you will have to pay the product's full retail price.

If your order has a delivery address in the United Kingdom, and you have not returned the parcel on the mandatory return date, you should use the same pre-paid label and return the items as soon as possible. The same pre-paid label will still be valid and late fees mentioned above will apply.

For all other european countries, if you are not at the address of delivery on the requested day, you will have to contact our logistic partner to arrange a new delivery date. Late fees will apply for each day you are late.

Please find the DHL Express contact for your country as you are liable for the return of the items.


You may cancel or amend the contract with CHIC BY CHOICE within a maximum of fourteen (14) days after receiving the product by writing an email to [email protected]. To accelerate the return process, you must, together with the aforementioned note, complete the Return Form available on your account, indicating the data and products on the order and the reason for the return.

  • This refers to:
  • - The time from which the products ordered are delivered;
  • - The time at which the products ordered are picked up;
  • - The date the products are not delivered by reasons attributed to the client, without added shipping costs.

When the dress is exchanged or a new model delivered (within the first fifteen (15) hours) of the delivery day, CHIC BY CHOICE will send you the new style. In this case, you will have to pay extra shipping costs mentioned in the frequently asked questions page. This will be considered a new contract.



You acknowledge that the site and all its contents, such as software, logo or symbols, are owned by CHIC BY CHOICE or have been duly licensed.

You accept that intellectual property rights, that you must respect, protect the contents of this website.

CHIC BY CHOICE will manage the design, layout and all other information on the site. CHIC BY CHOICE may, at any time, update, modify or delete any content, services, features or options.

You are not authorized to modify, change, copy, sell or use any content of the site without the consent of CHIC BY CHOICE.

The garments listed in the product catalogue belong to specific designers and CHIC BY CHOICE is neither accountable nor holds any rights over them. You must respect their rules of usage as well as the limitations.


Your personal data will be processed taking into account the legal provisions in force and our privacy policy.

To access the CHIC BY CHOICE services you must register with some personal information about yourself. Non-registered customers may also provide their personal data, in which case the present rules are also applied.

When you access CHIC BY CHOICE services, you also will be required to provide valid credit card information or other payment information.

Your personal data will be processed and stored. CHIC BY CHOICE uses that information to manage the contractual relationship with you. If you authorize it, CHIC BY CHOICE also may use your information for marketing services, through communications that do not need your intervention.

Under applicable law, you have the right to access, correct and update your personal data without any costs. Therefore, you must contact the entity responsible for processing the data to the address: ABC - Incubadora do Parque Tecnológico de Óbidos, Convento de S. Miguel das Gaeiras, 2510-718 Gaeiras, Leiria, Portugal.

CHIC BY CHOICE adopted the appropriate security measures. However, CHIC BY CHOICE must not be held responsible of unauthorized use of your personal data by third parties.


CHIC BY CHOICE may provide links to other entities. These entities are not owned, operated or controlled by CHIC BY CHOICE, so CHIC BY CHOICE is not responsible, for the content of these sites or the sites connected to them or therein, in any way.

Establishing links does not imply any relations between CHIC BY CHOICE and the owner or manager of the web page to which the link refers. You are the sole responsible for using those links.


The CHIC BY CHOICE does not ensure that the site will work uninterruptedly.

CHIC BY CHOICE makes their best efforts to have an error free and continuously available site without dangerous elements to your computer. However, since CHIC BY CHOICE cannot fully control the Internet’s flow of information, it cannot ensure that they do not contain any elements that may harm your computer.

CHIC BY CHOICE may, at any time and without prior notice, take steps to ensure the security and quality of the site, including restricting or limiting access.


If you do not comply with the rules includes in theses terms, or if you failed to fulfil any conditions of the CHIC BY CHOICE service, you may have your account suspended or canceled.

If your account is suspended, CHIC BY CHOICE has the right to determine which restrictions to access and use should be enforced. You will be informed about the reactivation of your account.

CHIC BY CHOICE may cancel your account at any time, particularly if the situation is not remedied.

CHIC BY CHOICE is not responsible, for any damage resulting from the suspension or cancellation of your registration.

CHIC BY CHOICE can remove or ask you to delete, any content that you have made available through the site whenever they are clearly illegal, when requested by a third party indicating that it violates its rights or when it is determined by a competent authority. If requested, you should remove the content.


You can cancel your account via email to [email protected]. The cancellation of your account does not excuse you from being charged for unpaid fees for using the CHIC BY CHOICE services.


CHIC BY CHOICE contractual liability is limited to the value of the product ordered. CHIC BY CHOICE is not accountable for loss or any damages arising from failure, delay or defective performance.

  • CHIC BY CHOICE is not liable for:
  • i. any inaccuracies of the information available on the site;
  • ii. damage caused by customers or third parties;
  • iii. failure of performance by the manufacturer/producer;
  • iv. failure or reduce execute in compliance with judicial or administrative authorities decisions;
  • v. the revocation or cancellation of orders from suppliers;
  • vi. the breach of laws and regulations by the customer location;
  • vii. failure of any kind of performance resulting from force majeure situations, such as situations that cannot be controlled (fires, energy cuts, explosions, natural disaster and others) As well as other uncontrollable situations, such as, acts attributable to manufacturers, suppliers and other distributors.
  • viii. damages, loss of profits, data or inability to use the site, as well as, loss of profits, difficulty to obtain replacement products.


CHIC BY CHOICE will notify customers trough account contact data. You must inform CHIC BY CHOICE of any changes in that data. If you do not oppose, you may receive notifications via fax, SMS or email. The address stated in the account will be used for any lawsuit service.


At any time, CHIC BY CHOICE can terminate or suspend the site or part of it. CHIC BY CHOICE can also restrict, access to any part of the site.

The suspension or termination of the site or any portion does not entitle you to receive any kind of compensation from CHIC BY CHOICE.






Prices are valid until 6pm of the following business day of the order’s submission. CHIC BY CHOICE may change those prices from that date on.


  • The CHIC BY CHOICE available payment method is Credit Card:
  • - You will be asked for a valid VISA Credit Card number;
  • - Payment will be charged after order confirmation;
  • - The requested credit card data ensure the reservation and payment of the hire service and will be treated in accordance with the terms set forth in the privacy police;
  • - The credit card data and the respective pre-authorization will be checked;
  • - The value of the order will only be charged when the order you placed is received.
  • - The value of late fees can be charged according to the terms and conditions of the rental agreement.


Unless expressly noticed, shipping costs are not included in the hire price.

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