Send-off In Style With A Leaving Present For Colleagues: Impress Your Colleague With These Creative Leaving Presents

leaving present for colleague

Choosing a perfect leaving present for colleagues can be challenging, especially when you want to convey the right sentiment. It’s not just a gift; it’s a token of your appreciation for their contribution and a farewell gesture that reflects your professional relationship. This blog post will serve as a guide to help you navigate this thoughtful process, offering practical tips and suggestions for selecting a meaningful present that your colleague will cherish even after leaving the workplace.

Leaving Present For Colleague – Something To Know Before Gifting

Should I Get Goodbye Gifts For My Co-workers?

leaving present for colleague

It’s generally accepted that giving a parting gift to a colleague is a good idea, assuming you’ve had a supportive professional relationship. 

If your colleague is leaving due to dismissal or poor teamwork, it’s understandable if the news brings more relief than sadness. That said, a parting gift is more than just a gesture – it’s a meaningful way to conclude their journey in the organisation. 

Personalising it with a heartfelt goodbye note and well wishes from the team can create a memorable farewell.

How To Celebrate A Goodbye Event For A Colleague?

  • Initiate a farewell discussion on Slack
  • Spend time reminiscing about past experiences
  • Jointly sign a parting card
  • Present a self-care package
  • Organise a farewell get-together

What Are The Key Factors In Selecting The Ideal Leaving Gift?

leaving present for colleague

Choosing a leaving present for a colleague can seem overwhelming. It becomes particularly challenging when the gift is supposed to reflect the feelings of an entire team or when it’s a personal token of appreciation from you. The task is even more stressful when the colleague has been a long-time team member, and their departure stirs strong emotions. 

When selecting a gift, it’s imperative to consider how well you know the individual. If you believe a co-worker understands their preferences better, don’t hesitate to seek their input. Remember, the right gift creates a lasting impression and can make the farewell process smoother. 

Budgeting is another crucial aspect to consider. Since departures of colleagues are infrequent events, consider a slightly more generous budget to purchase a meaningful gift. Evaluate if a gift from you or a collective one from the team would be more appropriate. 

leaving present for colleague

In situations of uncertainty, a practical gift may be the safest choice. Avoid overly personal items that may not align with the recipient’s taste. Also, be mindful of the circumstances surrounding the colleague’s departure, as it could affect the nature of the gift. Lastly, always respect your colleague’s cultural norms to ensure the gift is appreciated and not inadvertently offensive.

Which Should And Shouldn’t Do?

Knowing the rules of presenting gifts can help eliminate any uncomfortable situations. The entire gift-giving process should be seamless and pleasant from beginning to end.

  • Recommendations:

Ensure your gift is appropriate for the event to avoid discomfort or misunderstanding. 

Set a realistic budget for the occasion. Consider a costlier gift for a farewell than for a get-well-soon gesture.

Include heartfelt words or a thoughtful card with the gift. You might forget to express your sentiments verbally at emotional junctures like these.

leaving present for colleague

Choose a suitable moment to present the gift, allowing the recipient to appreciate the gesture truly.

Seek a second opinion before finalising your purchase, preferably from someone who knows your colleague well.

  • Cautions:

Avoid exceeding your budget. If the desired gift is too expensive, consider organising a group fund.

Don’t select the first item you come across. Take time to explore various options.

Avoid giving a gift that lacks a personal touch – if choosing a generic gift, enhance it with a personal note or message.

Remember to respect cultural nuances in gift-giving.

Don’t procrastinate until the last moment to organise the gift.

How Much Is An Affordable Contribution For Farewell Presents?

leaving present for colleague

Choosing the right leaving present for colleagues depends largely on your relationship with them. You might invest more in a close co-worker or someone you call a ‘work friend’. 

Generally, contributing a sum between $5 to $20 is acceptable. Always remember to donate what you can comfortably afford and avoid being coerced into giving more than you can handle. 

By getting more colleagues involved, you can increase the gift budget significantly, so spreading the word is always beneficial. Now, let’s dive into some top-notch farewell gift suggestions suitable for co-workers.

Why Are leaving present for colleague So Important?

Bidding farewell to a co-worker can incite a mix of emotions — pride in their career advancement and a touch of sadness due to their imminent departure. Be it virtually or physically, their presence in the office will certainly be missed. 

leaving present for colleague

A considerate leaving present for colleagues can be an ideal way to acknowledge their contributions and wish them well. Here are some proven gift ideas to ensure their farewell is coupled with cheer.

Expressing Gratitude

The duration a co-worker has dedicated to the company — be it a few months or numerous years — is invaluable and deserves a token of appreciation. 

The triumphs and challenges experienced together have made their input a significant part of the company’s progress. A heartfelt gift that captures your gratitude can make their send-off more special. 

The key to a memorable leaving gift is its personal touch. Even if you are unsure about their preferences, the importance of a personalised message accompanying the gift cannot be understated. 

leaving present for colleague

Highlight their accomplishments, how they upheld the company’s values, and the unforgettable moments shared. It’s crucial to remember that when departing, colleagues want their contributions to be recognised, not just their professional roles. 

A considerate farewell message affirms their positive impact on the team.

Appreciative Parting Gifts

The act of thanking a departing colleague can manifest in various presents. These could range from simple to elaborate, based on the individual recipient’s preferences. If they have a specific interest, consider a gift that aligns with it. If you’re unsure, opt for a universally appealing gift.

Some successfully gifted leaving presents include Virgin Wines’ cases of wine and Harding Gomez’s gourmet food hampers. Gifts that aid in their forthcoming journey, like personalised notebooks from Martha Brook and eco-friendly coffee cups from Circular & Co, also serve as excellent farewell gifts.

leaving present for colleague

Make Your Farewell Memorable

When bidding farewell to a colleague, a heartfelt goodbye gift can be a beautiful gesture that leaves a lasting impression. It’s important to remember that parting ways is just as noteworthy as the onboarding phase. 

A well-thought-out farewell gift can make your colleagues feel cherished and valued, reminding them of the incredible moments shared at work. The ideal present could be something that resonates with your company culture, like a token of appreciation related to a shared experience or an inside joke.

Presents The Impress

Choosing a gift that stands the test of time can be a wonderful way to keep the memories alive long after your co-worker has moved on. 

leaving present for colleague

Consider gifting something they can use and admire in their home, like an attractive house plant or an engaging home-based pottery kit. Such gifts bring joy and inspire creativity, leaving a tangible memoir behind.

‍Building A Nurturing Work Environment

An apt farewell gift does more than acknowledge a person’s contributions—it can also play an instrumental role in fostering a supportive work culture. Giving a meaningful farewell gift can reinforce the feeling of belonging and appreciation amongst the remaining team members. 

It communicates that the company values its employees at every stage of their tenure—not merely when they join.

Presents With A Personal Touch

Shun the idea of generic gift cards and aim for something more personal and reflective of the colleague’s journey ahead. If a co-worker is relocating overseas, a luxury grooming set might be apt, while a spa voucher can be a thoughtful present for soon-to-be parents. 

leaving present for colleague

You could also provide a selection of hand-picked, desirable gifts for them to choose from. Always remember to add a heartfelt message to make the gift all the more special.

Leaving Present For Colleague – Ways To Gift With A Painless Experience

When it’s time to bid farewell to a cherished colleague, finding the right leaving present can make a significant difference. They may be climbing the career ladder, embarking on a new adventure in a different city, or advancing their education. 

In any case, conveying your well wishes through a thoughtful gift can be a powerful gesture.

Gift-giving is a time-honoured tradition that can eloquently express your sentiments when words fail. This is particularly helpful if you’re averse to public displays of emotion or struggle to articulate your feelings.

leaving present for colleague

The question then becomes, how can you show your appreciation and care correctly? 

Let’s explore strategies to make selecting a leaving present for colleagues less daunting while communicating your goodwill and support for their future endeavours.

Farewell Gifts For Colleagues Transitioning To Different Departments

Change is never easy, and even harder when it involves saying goodbye to your favourite work buddy. Their imminent move to another department can stir up a whirlpool of emotions. 

You can’t help but foresee the void their absence will leave during lunchtime chats over Pret sandwiches or the inside jokes that only the 2 of you understand. Sure, there will be emails punctuated with emojis attempting to keep that humour alive, but it just won’t be the same. 

Nevertheless, conveying your support without making it overly sentimental is important. The ideal farewell gift for colleagues transitioning to a different department should be practical and useful in their new environment. 

leaving present for colleague

For female colleagues, consider our classy blush pink Daily Planner with a hardcover. It’s elegant and useful, especially when paired with a brass pen that could be personalised with their name for an extra touch of thoughtfulness. 

If your departing colleague is male, consider our Navy Weekly Planner. Its minimalistic, undated interior design makes it a versatile choice, great for jotting down quick notes and tips from their new team.

You can give one more travel mug to watch them light up, and they help you say that your colleague will be successful and have a smooth transition.

Farewell Gifts for Colleagues Relocating to a New City

Have you heard that your organisation is expanding to a new location, and some of your colleagues have been chosen to lead this new venture? 

Such rapid changes can be unsettling, and being chosen to pioneer a new branch in a different city can be daunting. But there’s a way you can ease their concerns – by presenting them with heartfelt gifts that symbolise support and good luck! 

leaving present for colleague

Consider gifting items such as faux Bonsai Trees or lucky desktop water fountains that can adorn their new workspaces, reminding them of prosperity and good fortune. 

If they’re expected to be on the move frequently, a stylish keychain with an inspiring quote about abundance could serve as a beacon of hope during challenging times. 

If you’re considering farewell gifts for a group of colleagues journeying together to the new city, consider presents that could make their travel experience more enjoyable, promoting camaraderie amongst the team during the journey. 

This can turn their travel time into a fun and bonding experience, fostering a stronger team spirit as they embark on their new journey.

Meaningful Farewell Gifts for Departing Colleagues

leaving present for colleague

In the corporate world, tough decisions often lead to team members leaving the workplace. Such transitions can be emotionally taxing for the departing colleague and the remaining team. 

However, expressing empathy and well-wishes need not exacerbate the situation’s awkwardness. If you recall your colleague’s knack for keeping office supplies in order, a note of appreciation on a stationery set or pen holder could provide solace. 

Similarly, for a colleague who humorously lightened the office atmosphere, a custom microphone accompanied by a card signed by the team could be a cherished memento. 

Navigating employee departures can be challenging, but a thoughtful gesture can ease the emotional intensity and show your genuine concern.

Thoughtful Farewells: Gift Ideas for Colleagues Facing Health Challenges 

Navigating the complex emotions surrounding gift-giving for colleagues facing health issues can be delicate and challenging. The uncertainty of their health outcomes may raise concerns about your gift’s message being misinterpreted. 

leaving present for colleague

Moreover, the reality of their health situation can leave you grappling for words, making it difficult to communicate your support through a gift. 

Nevertheless, moving beyond the standard company card and flower bouquet to show empathy and support is a significant gesture. If you have a close relationship with the colleague, an empathetic gift can convey that they are in your thoughts, even when they’re not around. 

The ‘Care Package’ gift box is excellent, symbolising compassion, consideration, and relaxation. Alternatively, assembling a personalised gift box with items promoting self-care is another thoughtful option. 

Gift-giving for colleagues facing health challenges or other transitions can be meaningful. Take inspiration from the above ideas, incorporate your personal touch, and create a gift they’ll cherish forever.

Leaving Present For Colleague – The Best Ideas For Creative Team Members

Artistic Wall Decorations

leaving present for colleague

When considering a leaving present for colleagues, consider their taste and style. Artistic wall pieces could be ideal if they have a flair for aesthetics and homely decorations. 

This tastefully chosen present could add colour and unique style to their living space, reflecting their personality. If they have a favourite artist or a penchant for a particular art style, gifting them a print or an artwork from that artist could be a perfect farewell gesture.

Quirky Coffee Mugs

Coffee mugs are a universal necessity, whether your colleague is transitioning to a home office or another corporate setup. Presenting them with a personalised and funny mug serves a dual purpose – it’s practical and brings a smile to their face. 

Every time they sip their favourite beverage from this mug, they’ll be reminded of the shared laughter and precious moments with the team. Choose a mug with a playful quote like ‘Parting is such sweet sorrow that I shall say goodnight till it is morrow!’ to keep the memories alive.

Humorous Gag Gifts

leaving present for colleague

For colleagues who enjoy a touch of humour and love springing harmless pranks, gag gifts may be the ideal leaving present for colleagues. 

While seemingly unusual and mostly non-functional, these gifts can add a fun twist to the farewell. They are a constant reminder of the good-hearted banter and camaraderie shared among the team.

Entertainment Tickets

If your colleague is a movie or theatre enthusiast, gifting them tickets to a new release would be a great leaving present for colleagues. You could enhance their experience by ensuring the tickets are for the most premium seats. 

leaving present for colleague

This thoughtful gift will give them an unforgettable experience and a fantastic story to share with the team.

Dining Voucher For A Fine Restaurant

A farewell gift can enable a luxury indulgence your colleague might have wanted but hesitated to. 

If there’s a fancy restaurant your co-worker has been longing to try, gifting them a voucher for that place would be a wonderful surprise. This way, they enjoy a sumptuous meal without guilt, making your gift a memorable part of their farewell.

Leaving Present For Colleague – The Greatest Gift For Active Team Members

Luxurious Massage Session

leaving present for colleague

Your colleague’s active lifestyle merits a rejuvenating full body or foot massage. 

A soothing massage would be an excellent way to alleviate their muscle tension with their regular involvement in various sports like hiking, gymming, or bouldering. If budget permits, opt for a longer session; a 3-hour massage would be just the ticket!

High-Quality Camping Gear

Is your co-worker a camping enthusiast? Then, they might appreciate a new thermos, a top-tier sleeping bag, or even a large, durable tent suitable for family adventures. 

If there’s a camping item they’ve been wishing for, this is the perfect opportunity to make their wish come true. They’ll certainly appreciate this thoughtful farewell gift!

Modern Sports Shoes

leaving present for colleague

While it’s difficult to replace a pair of shoes that are still serviceable but simply old, your colleague who regularly visits the gym or runs around the neighbourhood would appreciate a new pair. 

Confirm their shoe size beforehand or retain the receipt for potential exchange if it isn’t right.

Favorite Activewear Brand Gift Cards

If they have a particular affinity for a certain activewear brand, be it Nike, Adidas, Lululemon, Lorna Jane, or Under Armour, a gift card would be an ideal present. 

Since sports enthusiasts can never have enough activewear, a voucher would allow them to choose exactly what they want or need.

leaving present for colleague

Durable Backpacks

A robust backpack will be invaluable if your colleague enjoys travelling, hiking, or exploring outdoors. 

If they haven’t already got a high-quality backpack, this is your chance to brighten their day. Aim for a versatile, functional design with ample compartments for their needs and interests.

Leaving Present For Colleague – A Surprise Present For Funny Co-workers

Sarcastic Farewell Balloons

Express your sentiments with a touch of humour by opting for these sarcastic balloons as a leaving present for colleagues. 

They’re perfect for adding a light-hearted atmosphere to the farewell party, ensuring your colleague’s send-off is fun and unforgettable.

Comical Custom Socks

Offer your colleague a memorable parting gift with these unique socks. You can personalise them by printing the faces of up to six team members, making it a group present. 

Consider this delightful concept when brainstorming departure gifts for colleagues.

Humorous Keychain

leaving present for colleague

Work friendships are cherished relationships that persist even when colleagues part ways. Gift your colleague a keychain with a humorous inscription to keep this bond alive. It maintains the connection in a light-hearted and cheerful manner, making it one of colleagues’ most amusing parting gifts.

Personalised Bobblehead Figure

Present your outgoing colleague with a customised bobblehead figure. Consider this gift as an unconventional but fun farewell gesture. This unique keepsake can be a source of entertainment for everyone in their household.

Golf Pen Gift Set

Does your colleague have a penchant for golfing during their free time? They are sure to appreciate this entertaining desktop golf set. The kit includes three mini golf club gel pens, a duo of mini golf balls, and a flag, all packaged in a mini golf green box.

Stress Relief Toy

leaving present for colleague

Dealing with accumulated stress often requires a healthy outlet. This stress doll isn’t just for shifting the blame; it’s also a therapeutic tool to vent frustration. Your colleague can give this resilient doll a workout and watch their stress melt away.

Leaving Present For Colleague – Impress Unique Colleagues

A Friendship Pendant

A token of an enduring bond, this necklace will constantly remind you of your wonderful camaraderie. Available in gold, silver, or rose gold finish, it can be customised to match the personal style of your soon-to-depart colleague.

Rapid Iced Coffee Maker

This innovative gadget is the perfect farewell gift for a colleague who revels in their love for coffee. It transforms hot coffee into a cold brew in just 60 seconds, combining practicality and convenience in one farewell gesture.

Hard Cover Notebooks

leaving present for colleague

A classy notebook makes for a timeless farewell gift. It is designed with faux leather for a sophisticated look and comes in five distinct colours. It can serve as a platform for your colleague to jot down their sentiments inspired by your thoughtful gift.

Message-Embedded Chocolates

Chocolates are a universally loved farewell present. Make your colleague’s final workday memorable with these sweet delights. However, remember not to carefully toss them into a bag or backpack as they could get damaged. 

If travelling a long distance in warm weather to hand over the gift, ensure it’s kept cool and away from direct sunlight.

Comforting Cushion

A comforting cushion can convey your sentiments when your colleague is moving. It’s a perfect addition to their new home or workspace, reminding them of your thoughtful farewell gesture.

Desk Foot Rest

leaving present for colleague

A thoughtful last-minute gift that gives the impression of well-thought-out planning. With a simple button push, this desk footrest offers respite to tired feet, akin to receiving a foot massage while sitting at the desk. 

Include this in your goodbye gifts to display your concern for your colleague’s well-being.

Heated Mug Holder Equipped With A Rapid Wireless Charger

A thoughtful gift for a departing co-worker, this mug warmer exhibits your acknowledgement and gratitude. Not only does it keep their beverage comfortably hot, but it also doubles as a phone charger. 

It’s a heartwarming reminder for your co-workers to keep the communication lines open, even as they embark on new journeys.

Farewell Crystal Keepsake with a Heartfelt Message

This standalone crystal plaque serves as a memorable parting gift for co-workers. 

Inscribed with a personalised expression, this plaque, with its robust base, can find its place on a desk, shelf, or mantelpiece, adding to the decor. Each letter is meticulously hand-painted, lending it a unique charm.

Charging Pad With Mug Warmer Functionality

leaving present for colleague

This mug warmer epitomises the perfect blend of practicality and sentiment. It charges their phone and ensures their drink remains warm, making it an excellent tech gift for a departing co-worker. It’s a subtle way to encourage them to remain in contact, irrespective of the distance.

Personalised Crystal Farewell Present With Emotional Inscription

This crystal plaque, designed as a standalone memento, is an ideal farewell gift for co-workers. 

Carved with a unique message, it can be conveniently placed on a shelf, desk, or mantel as a decorative element. Each letter is hand-painted, giving the plaque a distinctive appearance.

Portable Bluetooth Speaker For Music Enthusiasts

Music’s power to unite people makes wearable speakers an excellent gift choice. 

leaving present for colleague

By wearing this gift around the neck, your co-worker can enjoy hands-free convenience instead of carrying it in a pocket. It’s a durable present that will remind them of your bond long after they’ve left the company.

Levitating Plant Holder For The Green Thumb

This planter is a thoughtful farewell gift for co-workers with a penchant for gardening or home styling. Plants not only add to the aesthetics of a room but also purify the air. 

This planter, which makes the plant levitate and spin mid-air, is a fun and functional gift, expressing your warm wishes as your co-worker leaves the firm.

A Sampling Of Exquisite Organic Teas

Nothing quite compares to the tranquil pleasure of sipping tea, especially when it’s a luxurious blend of 40 distinct flavours. 

leaving present for colleague

Gifting this extensive collection to a departing colleague is a thoughtful nod to their future endeavours and a gentle reminder of the peace in life’s simple pleasures.

Sweet Treats To Create Lasting Memories

Express your support and wishes for your co-worker’s new journey with a delightful box of sweet treats. 

Like the world’s favourite houseplant, this sweet gesture symbolises growth and new beginnings. It’s a farewell gift and a warm send-off to their next big adventure.

A Keepsake Musical Jewelry Box

Want to make a profound and lasting impression? This acoustic jewellery box does just that. Filled with precise detailing and customised musical features, it’s a testament to your colleague’s value within your team. 

As they open the lid to discover personalised etching and soothing music, they’ll realise how much their contributions to your organisation are appreciated.

Leaving Present For Colleague – Some Good Ideas For Travel-Loving Team Members

leaving present for colleague

World Travel Scratch Maps

Do you have a colleague about to embark on a new journey, someone continually yearning for their next global adventure? 

There isn’t a more fitting leaving present for colleagues than a world scratch map. This practical gift will enable them to track and showcase their travels by scratching off each visited destination. 

In addition to serving as a travel log, it offers aesthetic value by functioning as an appealing piece of home decor, continually reminding them of their thrilling escapades.

Functional Laptop Sleeves

For those colleagues who are always on the move, a high-quality laptop sleeve is a practical and thoughtful gift. A sleek design, additional padding for protection, and a perfect fit for their laptop size make for an excellent travel companion. 

The inclusion of water resistance capabilities further enhances its utility. This leaving present for colleagues ensures they are never without their laptops, whether for booking flights, responding to emails, or simply enjoying a Netflix binge.

Gateway To Relaxation: Flight Vouchers

There’s arguably no better way to celebrate a colleague’s departure from the company than giving them the chance for a tranquil holiday. 

Help alleviate financial stress by providing them with a flight voucher, allowing them to travel to their dream destination without severe financial implications. This thoughtful gift symbolises your support for their new journey and helps ensure their departure is joyful.

Kindle Or E-Book Reader

leaving present for colleague

An e-book reader is a departure gift that blends convenience with enjoyment. It’s lightweight, making it an ideal travel companion that doesn’t take up much luggage space, unlike traditional paperback books. 

If your colleague doesn’t yet own one, surprising them with this gift is an excellent way of showing your thoughtfulness.

Memory Capturer: Polaroid Or Film Camera

Holidays offer a unique aura that makes taking photos a more gratifying experience. Combining scenic landscapes, good company, and delightful food naturally inspires one to capture these moments. 

A polaroid or film camera is an ideal leaving present for colleagues, enabling your colleague to freeze these memories in time with tangible polaroid frames or the distinctive grainy effect of the film.

leaving present for colleague

Organizer’s Friend: Packing Cubes

Travellers can generally be categorised into two groups – those who use packing cubes and those who don’t. If your colleague is known for their spontaneous packing, giving them packing cubes could transform their travel experience. 

This practical farewell present could enhance their packing efficiency on future trips, as long as they remember to use it and not relegate it to a forgotten corner of their closet.

Leaving Present For Colleague – Grateful Gifts For Retirement Colleagues

Selecting the perfect parting present can be daunting, especially as the cause for their departure could affect your choice. To assist you in this endeavour, we’ve curated a list of gift categories tailored to specific departures, from retirement to maternity leave.

leaving present for colleague

Retirement signifies a significant step in one’s life, often overwhelming with emotions. Bidding farewell to a co-worker who has been with you through thick and thin isn’t an easy task. Let’s explore some retirement gift ideas.

Gourmet Gift Basket

A delightful goodbye gift could be a basket full of treats. Whether it’s filled with sweet confectioneries, savoury snacks, or beverages, a well-presented hamper will impress. 

It’s a versatile present that can be customised for any occasion and lets the recipient know they’ll be sorely missed.

Personalised Glassware

Conventional retirement gifts often include wine glasses or champagne flutes, but who said it has to be limited to alcohol? Opt for a set of stylish tumblers or unique coffee mugs. Personalise them with an affectionate message to create a cherished memento.

Customised Plaque

leaving present for colleague

A plaque is an ideal gift for those uncertain times when you’re unsure what to present but wish to convey deep sentiments. Customisable to fit the circumstance, a plaque lasts many years, making the recipient feel truly appreciated.

Maternity Goodbye Gifts

For an imminent mother, her maternity leave is a period of mixed emotions. Make her feel special by presenting her with thoughtful gifts, reminding her of her value and keeping her connected to her colleagues.

Newborn Essentials Basket

A basket filled with baby necessities would be incredibly thoughtful for soon-to-be parents. Stock it with newborn diapers, baby clothes, bibs, talc, and cream. Such essential items are always useful, providing a tangible show of support.

leaving present for colleague

Pamper Kit for Mothers-to-be

The transition period between leaving work and becoming a mother can be overwhelming. A pamper kit full of luxury items can help them unwind and take time for self-care, showing that you’ve thoughtfully considered their needs.

Flexible Gift Card

A gift card offers versatility and practicality. It’s an excellent way for a pregnant colleague to choose their perfect gift. Whether they plan to pamper themselves or buy something for the baby, a gift card expresses your respect and appreciation effectively.

Leaving Present For Colleague – General Gift Ideas For Closed Team Members

Customised Gift Collection

leaving present for colleague

There’s no better way to express appreciation for your soon-to-be-departing colleague than with a customised gift box. It’s a hassle-free method to assemble an assortment of farewell presents that will resonate with them. 

The possibilities are unlimited, from their favourite treats to essential desk items and memorable photos. Make it uniquely theirs with a personal touch, and remember to incorporate a sentimental note.

Recollection Journal

Preserve all the cherished memories and shared jokes with your departing colleague in a special memory book. 

This thoughtful gift is a wonderful way to immortalise your shared experiences, allowing them to revisit the good times whenever they wish. Don’t forget to enrich the book with an array of photos!

Aromatherapy Diffusers

Imagine a spa’s tranquil and heavenly ambience and gifting that experience to a hard-working colleague. Essential oil diffusers are fantastic gifts for those needing stress relief and tranquillity. 

It allows them to create a calming atmosphere in their home at their convenience. Moreover, many diffusers have sleek designs that add a touch of elegance to home décor.

Handcrafted Fragranced Candle

leaving present for colleague

Few can resist the allure of a fragranced candle. With abundant scents from floral to citrus and earthy to woody, there’s something for everyone. The variety is astounding, from popular brands to local artisans. 

If you’re uncertain about their preferred fragrance, invite them for a casual shopping trip to a candle store or department store. Their interest in a specific fragrance will guide you to the perfect choice.

Coffee Gear

For those who regard coffee as an indispensable part of their day, gifting them premium coffee brewing equipment can elevate their daily ritual. 

Help them build an ultimate home coffee station with grinders, filter papers, pod machines, milk frothers, and more. Consider adding a bag of gourmet coffee beans from their favourite roaster for a complete farewell gift.

leaving present for colleague

Subscription To A Wine Club

Are you looking for an exceptional leaving present for colleagues who appreciate good wine? A wine club subscription could be the perfect choice. 

This gift allows your wine-enthusiast colleague to explore various wine styles, regions, and flavours over a customisable period, making it a truly personalised gift. Cater the subscription frequency and duration to match your team’s budget for a seamless gifting experience.

Thought-Provoking Books

For a voracious reader, nothing compares to the gift of a new book. This classic leaving present for colleagues is perfect for the colleague who always has an intriguing book recommendation at hand. To make it truly special, delve into a local bookstore and discover something outside their known preferences. 

leaving present for colleague

Tailor the gift if you understand their favourite genre, crime, romance, or biographies. Alternatively, consider a bestseller to ensure they’ll be captivated.

Journals For Mindful Living

In today’s high-stress world, a wellness journal can be a thoughtful leaving present for colleagues. Mental health is paramount, and these journals provide an avenue for self-reflection, helping to organise thoughts and focus on the positive aspects of life. 

This gift supports the often challenging task of articulating personal difficulties, enabling your colleague to prioritise their mental well-being despite uncertainty.

Indoor Plants

leaving present for colleague

A plant can be a wonderful leaving present for colleagues, offering therapeutic benefits and natural beauty. Caring for houseplants can enhance mood, productivity, and creativity while reducing stress and fatigue. 

A farewell plant gift could kick start their indoor gardening hobby, especially with beginner-friendly varieties like pothos, snake plants, or succulents.

Elegant Teapot Sets

A luxurious teapot set can make an excellent leaving present for colleagues for the tea-lover in your office. While it might not be something your colleagues would splurge on for themselves, it makes for an elegant and practical farewell gift. 

Companies like T2 Tea offer attractive gift packs with stunning teapots, teacups, and a selection of fine teas, making it an easy one-stop shop for your gifting needs.

leaving present for colleague

Engaging Mind Games

As we navigate these pandemic times, puzzles have emerged as a soothing pastime, providing a much-needed distraction from the daily grind. 

A well-chosen puzzle can make a thoughtful leaving present for colleagues, offering them an engaging activity for their spare time, with the bonus of a sense of accomplishment upon completion.

leaving present for colleague

Enhancing The Gaming Experience

If your soon-to-be-departing co-worker finds solace in the virtual realms of video games, consider enhancing their gaming journey with a thoughtful gift. 

Be it the latest title for PS5, Xbox, or Nintendo Switch, or much-needed gaming gear like a quality headset or a mechanical keyboard, this present will surely enrich their gaming hours.

Luxurious Self-Care Goodies From Aesop

A leaving present for colleagues should evoke a sense of indulgence and self-care. Luxurious products from Aesop, known for their skincare, hand and body, and home products, fit the bill perfectly. 

They offer a sense of pampering that your colleague might hesitate to indulge in, making your gift cherished.

leaving present for colleague

An Assortment of Craft Beers

Is your co-worker someone who appreciates the intricate flavours of craft beers? Gift them a craft beer box, a delightful assortment of varied brew styles. 

This leaving present for colleagues will offer them a refreshing journey of taste exploration, making their leisure time all the more enjoyable.

Aesthetically Pleasing Spirits

A beautifully crafted liquor bottle is more than just its contents – it’s a visual treat. When it comes to alcohol gifts, the allure of a uniquely shaped, vibrant, and stylish bottle is hard to resist. 

Offering such a gift to your departing colleague can add a touch of elegance to their home bar while also serving as a memorable farewell token.

Leaving Present For Colleague – Plan B When You Have A Limited Budget

Luxurious Bath Essentials

leaving present for colleague

Budget constraints don’t mean you can’t surprise your colleague with an exciting farewell gift. Consider gifting them bath bombs, especially if they like those aromatic Lush products. 

These bath essentials are not only vibrant and eye-catching, but they come in many designs and shapes that can instantly light up someone’s day. 

Just confirm beforehand whether they have a bath at home; otherwise, these bombs will only be of use during their vacation times.

Invigorating Skincare Products

leaving present for colleague

Consider gifting them sheet masks if your co-worker is passionate about maintaining skin health. Available in various stores, these masks cater to different needs — from hydration to brightening to cleansing. 

To add a special touch, you might choose luxurious masks from reputable brands that offer a relaxing experience without causing a strain on your budget.

Sustainable Coffee Vessels

If your colleague is strongly inclined towards sustainability (and a love for coffee), gifting them reusable coffee cups like KeepCups would be an excellent idea. 

Not only do these cups promote eco-friendliness, but they are also trendy and functional — maintaining the beverage’s temperature for extended periods. 

leaving present for colleague

Numerous brands like Frank Green and Kleen Kanteen offer these cups, enabling you to pick the best one that matches your co-worker’s style.

Eco-Friendly Grocery Bags

Yet another gift for the eco-conscious — reusable shopping bags! Present your departing colleague with a memory of your team each time they go grocery shopping. 

Given the frequent need for grocery runs, having reusable bags handy at home or in the car is always convenient. The market is flooded with numerous designs, making it easy for you to choose the perfect one.

leaving present for colleague

Quirky Socks

Everyone needs socks, making them a practical and affordable parting gift. But instead of opting for regular ones, why not choose funky designs that your co-worker wouldn’t usually wear? If you intend to gift something memorable that leaves a lasting impression, here’s your chance.

Encouragement-Emitting Cards

Our emotional well-being tends to get sidestepped in daily life’s relentless hustle and bustle. Encouragement-emitting cards serve as a meaningful departure gift for your co-worker. 

These cards carry a wealth of uplifting, personal affirmations that can be voiced out or mentally echoed. They can bring forth a positive twist in mood, energy, and intention, leaving an aftermath of tranquillity, clarity, and self-assurance. 

leaving present for colleague

During self-doubt or despair, your colleague can find solace in these cards and triumph over negative cognition.

Stress-Relieving Scalp Massager

A stress-relieving scalp massager is a functional present that your co-workers can utilise in their fresh, professional venture. This useful gadget enhances blood flow and serves as a potent tool against stress and tension. 

While it deviates from the typical leaving present for colleagues, its usefulness in the workplace is undeniable. Besides, you don’t have to break the bank to own a quality one.

Personalised Sleeping Mask

For your co-worker who struggles with light-induced insomnia, a personalised sleeping mask might be just what they need. You can opt for an exquisite silk variant with their name or an endearing message embroidered for a touch of sophistication. 

Engaging Pet Toys

leaving present for colleague

Let’s not forget our furry friends. They are a part of the family, and their devilish escapades and adorable visages never fail to lighten our moods. If your departing co-worker is a proud pet parent, consider surprising them with a gift for their furry child. 

They’ll undoubtedly appreciate the thoughtful gesture and share snaps or video clips of their pet’s reaction to the new toy, offering another chance to adore those little cuties.

Personalised T-shirt Or Hoodie

There’s hardly a more amusing way to bid farewell than to imprint a colossal team photo or a witty quote on a t-shirt or hoodie

This parting gift is sure to elicit laughter and is truly unique. Persuade them to parade around the office in this quirky apparel or to wear it during a virtual meeting on their final day to maximise the fun.


When considering a leaving present for colleagues, the options are diverse and can be personalised to reflect your co-worker’s preferences and shared experiences. 

Gifts can range from practical items such as gift cards, wall art, wine glasses, high-quality notebooks, or personalised shirts with the company logo. 

Farewell gifts can also be more experiential, like unique experiences that the colleague will remember fondly. Some other thoughtful ideas include retirement bracelets, scented candles, chocolates, or even a tranquil delights bath and body gift set for relaxation. 

Remember, the most important factor in choosing a gift is its relevance and thoughtfulness to the recipient. So, please choose a gift that best commemorates your colleague’s time at the company and wishes them well for their future endeavours.

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